“The Spring” – Embrace the rejuvenating spirit of ‘The Spring,’ a refreshing jazz swing melody that captures the essence of new beginnings and blossoming optimism. With its lively piano solos and buoyant piano chords, this enchanting composition breathes life into every note, evoking the vibrant energy of the season. Let the music dance through your senses, like the first warm breeze of spring, lifting your spirits and filling your heart with a sense of joyous anticipation. Celebrate the beauty of renewal and the promise of brighter days ahead with ‘The Spring’. Instrumental Music best for Shops, Ambience, Background, Videos, Advertising and Cinema projects.

What is allowed and what’s not allowed, you can read in the information below.

LicenseMusic SingleBusiness License
Private environment!
Background Music in
Restaurant, Bar, Office, Shop, Gym, Spa, etc.

Publishing on CDs and other Recordings
Video, Film, Documentary, TV/Radio Advertising, Slideshow
Social Media, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other
Games, Applications, Software, Website, Online course
Business environment, for example by telephone
(music on hold during a support call)

Includes 20% tax

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