Restaurant Music Vol.10 (Album)

by RelaxMusicLounge in Restaurant

VOL.10 – Compilation of Background Music for a beautiful evening atmosphere specifically composed and compiled for restaurant, cafe, bar, lounge, bistro and everywhere else where you can listen easy jazz music. All tracks recorded live by professional musicians, with various instrumentations piano, saxophone, guitar, trumpet, bass, drums.

1.You and me (duration 15:52)

2.Pleasant Walk (duration 14:35)

3.Romance In Amsterdam (duration 16:20)

4.Sweet Games (duration 15:31)

5.The night is cold my baby (duration 16:48)

6.Flamingo In Love (duration 14:22)

7.Beach Palace (duration 17:31)

8.Happy June (duration 17:21)

9.Spanish Eyes (duration 16:27)

10.Monday Morning (duration 17:16)

Any of 10 tracks is about 16 minutes long and are in standard MP3 format, can be imported and played with all media players (Windows Media Player, Win Amp, iTunes, VLC and others)

Includes 20% tax

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